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BESTMoldova is diversifying national tourism

A destination management company BESTMoldova always been trying to bring fresh ideas to the Moldovan Torusim development in order to increase the attractiveness of the country in the eyes of the tourists from all the world. Almost all countries in Europe are successfully practicing group excursions, but for our country - it is something new and BESTMoldova is the first one ready to implement it.

On 12 of February, our DMC company organized a Presentation in ”V Continental Business Center”

About the necessity of group excursions, the way to book them and the benefits for all stakeholders. More than 100 persons were invited, among them - our partners from hotels, transportation companies and our colleagues from other Tour Companies. If even the weather that day was so ”UnMoldovan”, our speakers were glad to present the final product they were working on the last few months.

The general idea of the group excursions is about the possibility to unite tourists or small group of tourists who share the same directions to travel within one bigger group. Thus, the price paid per person will be much lower, than if the tours organized for the tourists separately. Everybody could ask questions in order to have the whole picture.

The presentation ended up with a nice surprise - a lottery was organized for all participants and 3 luckiest ones were chosen to travel within Moldova absolutely for free.

Eventually, all our guests were invited to the fourchette, where everybody could discuss the group excursions with a glass of wine in an absolutely friendly positive atmosphere. 

Find here the daiy group excursions list


BEST Offers
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Group Chisinau car city tour
2 h
30 €

Purcari and Et Cetera Wineries
10 Hours

Milestii Mici with wine tasting
3h group excursion

Visit Moldova with BESTMoldova.md
BESTMoldova.md inbound travel company, which provide incoming services in Moldova!
We love Moldova and we want to convey our warmth to you, dear guests of our country!
Moldova is a hospitable country with a rich tradition and history. Wine tours take a special place in our hearts, because wine is the pride of our wineries!
Excursions are guided by professional guides!
BESTMoldova.md is waiting for you in Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti, Orhei and will assist you while staying in our sunny country!

What does BESTMoldova.md offer?
• Excursion programs
• Half day or full day excursions
• Wine tours in Cricova, Milestii Mici, MIMI, Purcari and other wineries in the country
• Professional guides in Russian, English and other languages
• Accommodation at tour operator prices in the hotels of Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti and Orheiul Vechi
• Organization of corporate trips (team building activities)
• Delegation services
• Organization of seminars, symposium, forums, congresses (MICE)

The most popular excursions from BESTMoldova.md
• Wine tour in Cricova with tasting of 4 wines - 4h
• Wine tour to Malestii Mici with tasting of 3 wines - 4h
• Sightseeing tour around Chisinau - 3h
• City tour of Chisinau and Castel Mimi with tasting of 3 wines - 7h
• Transnistria, Tiraspol and Bendery with wine tour - 8h
• Old Orhei, Curci Monastery, lunch at the national restaurant - 8h
• Old Orhei, Curchi Monastery, wine tour to Milestii Mici with tasting of 3 wines - 8h

BEST Recomendations
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Back in the U.S.S.R. - Transnistria
8 hours
146 €

Delicious Transnistria
8h, minimum 5 pax
123 €

Chisinau City Tour & Cricova Winery
Wine tasting included
147 €

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