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TOP 5 traditional Moldova's dishes!

Want to get to know Moldova better? Keep closer, we made the TOP 5 BESTMoldova dishes of traditional cuisine!

In Moldova this kind of pie is made for every taste: with cheese, cabbage, potatoes, meat, cherries, pumpkin, apples. The most famous are pies with cottage cheese, dill and onions.

Traditionally mămăliga is cooked in a cauldron. Thus, the mămăliga takes on a round shape. Mămăliga is served with cottage cheese, sour cream, barbeque or even fried fish and specific sauce (mujdei).

#Sarmale (Cabbage rolls) 
Cabbage rolls are very popular in the Republic of Moldova. Minced meat is mixed with rice and other ingredients, and then wrapped in cabbage or grape leaves.

#Zeamă with chicken and noodles 
Soup is a part of Moldavian wedding traditions, because the day after the party, the groom invites guests and close friends “for zeamă”.

The king of desserts is the cake Guguță's Hat. It combines the favorite pancakes and cherries, which are soaked in sweet cream and sprinkled with chocolate on top. The cake got its name from the similarity of the shepherds’ hat worn by a little boy named Guguță, the tales hero of the Moldavian writer Spiridon Vangheli.

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Tiraspol, Bender Fortress. Lunch
7 hours/ group excursion
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Chisinau Group walking tour
2 hours of city center

Purcari and Et Cetera Wineries
10 Hours

Visit Moldova with BESTMoldova.md
BESTMoldova.md inbound travel company, which provide incoming services in Moldova!
We love Moldova and we want to convey our warmth to you, dear guests of our country!
Moldova is a hospitable country with a rich tradition and history. Wine tours take a special place in our hearts, because wine is the pride of our wineries!
Excursions are guided by professional guides!
BESTMoldova.md is waiting for you in Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti, Orhei and will assist you while staying in our sunny country!

What does BESTMoldova.md offer?
• Excursion programs
• Half day or full day excursions
• Wine tours in Cricova, Milestii Mici, MIMI, Purcari and other wineries in the country
• Professional guides in Russian, English and other languages
• Accommodation at tour operator prices in the hotels of Chisinau, Tiraspol, Balti and Orheiul Vechi
• Organization of corporate trips (team building activities)
• Delegation services
• Organization of seminars, symposium, forums, congresses (MICE)

The most popular excursions from BESTMoldova.md
• Wine tour in Cricova with tasting of 4 wines - 4h
• Wine tour to Malestii Mici with tasting of 3 wines - 4h
• Sightseeing tour around Chisinau - 3h
• City tour of Chisinau and Castel Mimi with tasting of 3 wines - 7h
• Transnistria, Tiraspol and Bendery with wine tour - 8h
• Old Orhei, Curci Monastery, lunch at the national restaurant - 8h
• Old Orhei, Curchi Monastery, wine tour to Milestii Mici with tasting of 3 wines - 8h

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Winery Milestii Mici excursion
with or no wine tasting, from
40 €

Chisinau city Tour and MIMI castle
wine tasting included
188 €

Kingdome of wine - Milestii Mici
3 hours
81 €

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