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for Friends who travel from Moldova tu Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Spania and other countries.


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Have decided to spend your holiday abroad? An excellent decision, as travelling abroad is the great means of casting pressing problems aside, improving health and broadening your horizons in between. But it is necessary to be aware of several issues as early as getting ready for the trip!

  • The citizens of Moldova, who holds a biometric passport, do not need a visa for a short-term stay in Schengen zone.
  • To cross the border, you will need a passport valid for at least half a year, as well as a package of documents, proving your purpose of travel, availability of accommodation and sufficient financial provision, insurance policy etc.
  • Check-in at the airport starts 3 hours and ends 1 hour prior to departure time.
  • You are allowed to register luggage consisting of bags and trunks not heavier than 20 kg, with the weight of hand luggage not exceeding 8 kg. However, every transport operator puts its own limitations on paid luggage.
  • Pay special attention to the information about items and substances forbidden to be carried and about export limitations for goods, alcohol and tobacco!

You shoul know about insuarance:

For crossing the borders of many countries (including Schengen zone), an insurance policy is required. Some countries are not so demanding, however it’s a traveler’s self-regard to get a medical insurance policy. BESTTravel.md Company is ready to undertake effecting a policy of insurance!

If during your stay abroad an insured accident has occurred:

  • call the number, indicated in the policy, and get a free service;
  • if you had to pay out-of-pocket for some service, require the relevant documents;
  • within 10 days turn to the insurance company for reimbursement.

In case of any problems concerning insurance, hotel or flight, call 00 373 60 817 717 at any time of day or night!

With best regards,