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Welcome to Moldova


Tsipova – over the heugh of the Dniester River at an altitude of 100 meters, there is a unique ensemble of rock monastery. Similar rock complexes are found on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy and southern France. Niches and grottoes in the rocks - these are the rock tombs of a different time. Those are from what begins the chronicle of Tsipova monastery.

The history of rock monastery is closely intertwined with the time of stay in our territory Thracian, Sarmatian, the Geto-Dacian tribes and every nation has brought something of their own to the creation of this complex. It is also unique that there is the biggest rock church and the greatest rock fortress in it.

Rock church was built according to all canons of Christian architecture: the altar part - on the east side, the nave is separated from the church porch, with two octagonal columns, hewn from a solid monolith, church porch - on the west side. There are remained the ceiling paintings made by unknown masters since time immemorial.

Rock fortress existed before the thirteenth century and gave the name to the monastery – Horodyshchenski Tsipova Monastery of Assumption of the Virgin. On the coat of arms of the monastery were pictured two leopards, holding the shield, that perhaps symbolized the two rock which are on both sides of the complex. Legends about Stefan cel Mare and Maria Voykitsy, return you back to the historical past and will provide an opportunity for a moment to touch the former greatness of the Moldavian principality.

During the excursion along the creek Tipova you will have the opportunity to see two waterfalls up to 6 meters in height and to hear the legend about the Thracian singer Orpheus: after the loss of his sweetheart Eurydice, еру singer roamed along the banks of the Dniester, expressing their yearning in the songs (these sad melodies, according to legend, served as the beginning of the Moldavian Doina song).

Beautiful legends transmitted from mouth to mouth, wonderful nature, the beauty of the Dniester River and waterfalls - all this will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions from the visit of this excursion.

Technical information: Clothing for tourists: in mandatory order - running shoes, headdress, trousers shirts with long sleeves, bottles with water; for a visit of the Monastery – women must be in skirts below the knee (trousers), blouses without decollete, headscarves. Within the territory of the reserve Tsipova there is prohibited the picking flowers, feather grass and other field grass, photographing is possible.

Attention!!! The excursion takes place in the rocky rugged terrain, so the discipline in the group is required. All participants of the tour should be close to the guide, so that he could in time to warn of the dangers. The way to the waterfalls, (4 km round trip) runs through a valley between rocks covered with wild rose bushes and dense vegetation. Saharna - visiting the male monastery Saharna, you will understand that in the past centuries the builders differed by skill to select for the churches and monasteries the extraordinarily beautiful places. The Trinity Monastery Saharna "is placed" surprising: the gorge is rounded from two parties at the very bottom, at the bottom of the bowl with high sleep sides ensemble of buildings is showing white…

At the "entrance" into the gorge rises the gray rock with the fabulous name – Grimidon. There are forgotten beliefs associated with this word, but every person who has risen to the top of it, can see trace of the Mother of God. Rock Grimidon is one of the highest observation points of Saharna.

Trinity Church, built in 1821, is an example of Moldavian temple architecture of the beginning of the nineteenth century In the Trinity Church, in the holy shrine, there are imperishable relics of St. Macarius. To the west of Trinity Church, along the rock gorge runs Saharna creek, which, within 10 km passes through 22 rifts. In the past centuries, there were the mills on the creek. The trail in the depths of the gorge leads us to a small cave sketes.

In 1776, a monk Bartholomew Krivoruchko settled in a deep gorge and, with the help of several people, repaired the dilapidated monastery cells. Nobody knows the exact date of construction of the Skete. The Skete of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the XIX and XX centuries was rebuilt several times. Today to the outside of the Skete is attached the facade wall: the attempt to "clothe the cave temple in clothing of urban building".

On the middle bend there is situated the winter stone church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mother of God. The warm church is roominess, bright and well finished. The local amateur painter Theodore Malay painted the walls of the temple.

The Don Cossacks were Philanthropists of house of prayer and in 1817 after the end of the war with Napoleon, they donated the icon of St Paraskeva in a silver pluvial, the icon Holy Virgin Protection in a silver framework, shroud of Christ embroidered with gold and silver and much more.

At the dam of the old riverbed of the Dniester River have been found 2 earthen fortress, which were dated from VIII -VI centuries before our era and were called Gorodishche. These settlements were been attacked by the Huns and Tatar hordes. From here Riders under the victorious banner of Stefan cel Mare went to war. To the battle, they always took with themselves the Holy Scriptures that is confirmed by the chronicle of the monastery.

Visit Monastery Saharna - touch the eternal spiritual values, learn legends, charm Yourselves of the reserved nature!

Technical information: Extent of the round-trip route - 240 km, duration - 10 hours (taking into account travel time), sanitary stopping - at a refueling p station and in the territory of Saharna monastery; Clothing: running shoes, headdress, trousers, for a visit of the Monastery – women must be in skirts below the knee (trousers), blouses without decollete, headscarves. You can take the bottles with water, although, within the monastery metochion there are many sources of drinking water. Within the territory of the reserve Saharna there are growing dainty purple and white poppies, yellow irises, yellow cornflowers – these are the monuments of nature and their picking-up is strictly prohibited.

Attention!!! The excursion takes place in the rocky terrain, so the discipline in the group is required. All participants of the tour should not lag behind the guide and go away by yourself for sightseeing objects. The way to the waterfalls (1.5 km round trip) runs along the lowlands, along the river Saharna, between the rocks.

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